It’s the year 2020, the start of a new decade, and everyone is super excited about it. Looking through the last decade until now, you can tell that a lot of things have changed. Everything ranging from music to movies, to games, to technology, communication etc. Social media is one of the things that have evolved so much from the last decade. It used to be just Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo Messenger etc. Now We have Instagram and the likes. Even an app named after the sound a clock makes; “Tik-Tok”. Man, this generation is wilding! With all these things out there, one would wonder if people still read blogs. Well, since I’m starting mine, I’ll find out if people still do(read blogs)

Hi! My name is Favour Ogor Otunji (I figured I should introduce myself by my birth name). However, just my family and close friends remember to call me by that name. Outside the premise of family and close friends, I’m addressed by Kodeblacc. Kodeblacc Imagery is the name of my brand. I can’t exactly tell how I came up with the name, but it has a certain cool vibe that I liked, and a huge public appeal too (I carried out a survey).

A goofy portrait of Kodeblacc

I’m from Delta State in Nigeria. It’s where I’ve lived for the most of my life; with three amazing sisters. Everyone is grown up now. Each one; a professional in a chosen career. I ended up being a photographer; a choice I made barely 3 years ago. A choice that I’ve never regretted for a day. The journey hasn’t exactly been smooth. I started as an intern in a photography firm. While learning there, in the absence of a DSLR of my own, I became a smartphone photographer. Smartphone photography helped to shape me into the photographer I am today. It is the bedrock on which my brand was formed. And I’m super grateful to the friends that birthed the dream and inspire me to keep dreaming(and actualizing those dreams too); Karchi Queennette, Daniel Anya, James Ikpe, David Ademola, Khandee, and a lot of other amazing people.

I’m a proud[not] owner of a DSLR now, and it’s been a fulfilling feeling for me to create amazing photographs with it. However, smartphone photography has a great influence on my decision in the types of photography I like. They are; nature, fashion, documentary, lifestyle, portrait, abstract and candid photography.

A smartphone photograph of happy children playing in a Nigerian slum.

Today, I’m officially starting my photoblog. I’ve started so many times in my head, but I always failed to act on it. I blame my inactions on the unavailability of time and opportunity (which is partly true), but the truth is, I’ve not been inspired to start blogging. So why am I starting now? (Don’t lie, you asked me this question in your head). Well, there’s nothing staying at home(without the option of going out) won’t inspire you to do.

The global pandemic; Coronavirus AKA COVID-19 has kept the global lockdown, and everyone one is advised to stay at home. If you are reading this blog post in the future (maybe 2090); would you believe me if I told that there was a time in life when staying at home for weeks was a responsible thing? A time when Mondays weren’t scary, and your parents(if you lived with them) were okay with you playing video games all day. Well, while all these sound like good things to experience, the pandemic isn’t. My heartfelt condolence goes out to people and families that have suffered or lost someone to the virus.

With literally nothing to do at the moment, I’ve decided to start my photo blogging journey. It’s something I’ve conceived in my mind for so long, and I’m glad I’m finally able to start. In this blog, I’ll be sharing the photos I create, how I create them, and why I created them. I’ll also be sharing the stories attached to each photo(when available). Furthermore, I’ll be sharing photography tips and some of my presets for free. I hope this will inspire you to check out my blog more often.

Click Image to download some presets

Aside from sharing the photos that I create, I’ll also be sharing(featuring) the creations of other amazing photographers. While I will be doing that at my discretion, I’m open to requests for a feature. I’m sure all these things will get this space buzzing. As time progresses, there will be the introduction of more fun stuff on this blog. I’m super excited to be starting this journey, and I’ll love your active support and participation. I’m open to answering any questions you might want to ask. Feel free to use the “comments” section for that purpose.

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Thank you for reading.