I’m a huge fan of coffee. I guess the majority of the people in my country are coffee fans too. But then, coffee shops are so rare. In fact, in the state where I lived before I relocated, I never saw one[coffee shop]. So I just make my coffee and drink at home.

I stopped looking out for coffee shops, but a few months ago, I discovered one[accidentally]. I just concluded[or not] a session, and I decided that we find a place and chill. We checked Google map for the closest chill spot and we got one.

We arrived at the place, and it was a coffee shop. The place had a really nice vibe. And even though we weren’t needing coffee, we had to take some.

Espresso or cappuccino?

The attendant asked us after we had exchanged greetings and observed formalities. We opted for a cappuccino and some pastries. While we sat down to relax, the idea for the next set of photos[I’ll be sharing] struck my mind.

Here are the photos;

I enjoyed creating these photos. From the spontaneity and ease in shooting to the editing. The place was low lit to give a certain level of vibe. And I wasn’t using a low light camera. So I had to strobe. I just had my colleague hold up the AD600 and pointed it at the ceiling in the opposite direction to my subject. And the photos came out nice.

Check out the unedited or non-graded copies;

For my editing/colour grading; I opted for warm brown tones. In my mind, I felt it’d blend with the tone of coffee or a coffee shop. I don’t know how that makes sense, but yea, warm brown tones were what I wanted for the photos.

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