Mid last month, I set out to work on a project with a fashion stylist. Our goal was to create couple portraits that is totally different from the norm in these parts.

To achieve that, we had to be deliberate about style, models, and location. For me as a photographer, I had to be deliberate about composition and my light setup. The moodboard we sampled helped to make the shoot easy.

For style, we opted for something modern yet retro/old-school; something we now call alté. The models for the project had to be people that already share a chemistry. And we were in luck with that. The location we used was a restaurant. And it was possible to use the space because people weren’t allowed to eat in.

My setup for the shoot was pretty much basic. My camera is amazing in low light, so I could shoot without using external lighting. However, to achieve intended results, I used a continuous light with warm filter. I also shot at high kelvin to compensate it. After everything was set, we proceeded to shooting in earnest.

We didn’t want the photos to look so ordinary, so we directed it in a way that it told a story. A story that you can come up with yourself when you see the photos. Here they are;

Brown Coffee Scene 1; I’ll hold you close forever. I’ll lift you up whenever you feel down.


Brown Coffee Scene 2; Lets have a drink! Let’s toast to life, love and a happily ever after. 


Brown Coffee Scene 3; As soon as the music came up, we got on our feet and danced to the music. Our hips swinging back and forth; gyrating in heavenly romance. 


Brown Coffee Scene 4; After a good outing, we posed for the cameras.

I looked into her eyes, and saw them gleaming,
The Sun shining through the roof.
I saw myself mixing the colours of the sky with her lips,
Seduction was the word when it ruffled up her hair a bit.
Intriguing me was her mind, when I tried for a piece of it,
I realized my passion for her will never fade away.


Brown Coffee Scene 5; “Not” The end of our love story. 


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