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Category: Lifestyle

Brown Coffee! A tale of love, laughter, and style.
August 13, 2020

Mid last month, I set out to work on a project with a fashion stylist. Our goal was to create couple portraits that is totally different from the norm in these parts. To achieve that, we had to be deliberate about style, models, and location. For me as a photographer, I had to be deliberate about composition and my light setup. The moodboard we sampled helped to make the shoot easy. For style, we opted for something modern yet retro/old-school;...

Espresso or cappuccino? Lifestyle portraits, inspired by coffee.
May 6, 2020

I'm a huge fan of coffee. I guess the majority of the people in my country are coffee fans too. But then, coffee shops are so rare. In fact, in the state where I lived before I relocated, I never saw one[coffee shop]. So I just make my coffee and drink at home. I stopped looking out for coffee shops, but a few months ago, I discovered one[accidentally]. I just concluded[or not] a session, and I decided that we find a place and chill. We checked...

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